Sacred Pipe Ceremony Online

After over 20 years of continuous Tuesday night Pipe Ceremonies, we are honoring the current reality of the need to help support the health of our families & communities by temporarily discontinuing the physical gatherings.

We offer an online opportunity to pray together via Zoom. We are very grateful and excited about the new Tuesday night Sacred Pipe Ceremony!

Thank you for your loving support for all these many years from the tens of thousands of pray-ers who have joined us. Forward!!

Prayer Hummingbird


Medicine Path Native American Church offers Sacred Ceremonies with George Grey Eagle Bertelstein on a regular and ongoing basis.


Medicine Path Native American Church offers integrated counseling and education services to couples, individual adults & groups.

About Medicine Path

Medicine Path Native American church is a non-profit religious organization in Berkeley, CA.  We offer Sacred Ceremonies on a regular, ongoing basis.

With the Sacred Medicines and a clear and simple prayer for our lives, the Unimaginable Happiness we are willing to receive becomes Observable Reality.

George Grey Eagle Bertelstein

Remove the esoterica from the Medicine and return the Medicine to the People.

The Medicine

The intention of all our counsel and ceremonies is to decrease the duration, frequency and intensity of our conflicts with ourselves, with others, and with Creation. In this way we can each create more peace for everyone and everything.

George Grey Eagle Bertelstein

The Water says we are not our thoughts or our feelings. What we are is something immeasurably wise that knows how to make more life from everything that will make more life and knows what will not as well. Our ideas opinions and preferences and all of our feelings are all our very best attempt to deal with how truly brilliant the life that we call "I" really is.

The Water

The Spirit of Everything That Wishes Us Well is inviting all Humanity to join itself in a Living Prayer through the living breathing mechanism of taking complete responsibility for our thoughts, our actions and our personal prayers and carrying them into and throughout our real time daily lives. Ceremony is in no way a separate or special circumstance or a unique event. It is a guide and instruction about what is true and important and relevant about our relations with Mitakuye O'asin. We will fail and succeed at this effort, but that Everything will be with us in every moment, if we ask, to help us to walk in a Good Way.

George Grey Eagle Bertelstein

Accept nothing short of happiness as your goal for every moment. Delight in all successes and celebrate them at length, forget every failure immediately.

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