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Surviving cancer || Plant medicine || Letting go of control.

October 18, 2021

This was a podcast between Tommy Fin and George Bertelstein, George Is a Vietnam vet, marriage and relationship counselor, and the leader of the medicine path – Native American church In Berkeley. He has been recovering from cancer and we talk a lot about his recovery, prayer, letting go of control, A relationship with creator, covid, people-pleasing, religion, and lessons…

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Postmodern Shaman Podcast: Episode 2 Indigenous Ceremony Ways

October 5, 2021

George Bertelstein is interviewed by John Burke, host of the Postmodern Shaman Podcast and owner of Zanni Studio Productions. George is a Counselor and Spiritual Leader at Medicine Path Oklevueha Native American Church in Berkeley, California. He offers Sacred Ceremonies, Counseling, Community, and ongoing support to all who come in a good way. He is a combat veteran of the…

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The Good News Show with George & Georgia Bertelstein, Aaron Schiller, John Burke

The Good News

March 30, 2020

Conversations with George & Georgia Bertelstein facilitated by Aaron Schiller and filmed/edited by John Burke. The Good News • Episode 2 • The Good News • Episode 1 •

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Passages from A Clear and Simple Prayer by George Bertelstein

Passages from A Clear and Simple Prayer

October 30, 2019

Listen to passages from A Clear and Simple Prayer read aloud by George, Georgia and some members of the Medicine Path Community.

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Hummingbird Chronicles Podcast Episode 4: Marriage Part 2

December 17, 2018

George & Georgia Bertelstein take their marriage discussion to a more vulnerable level acknowledging what they’ve learned over the years of their marriage and life together about vulnerability, reassuring each other of their love, trusting and emotional and physical intimacy. 

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Hummingbird Chronicles Podcast Episode 3: Marriage 101 with George & Georgia Bertelstein

December 10, 2018

George and Georgia Bertelstein talk about the elements of their marriage. George: “Sacred Marriage is a two-headed eagle, but we only have the one pair of wings. We maneuver together though we might have completely independent thoughts, we don’t need to agree all we need is to agree that we are both moving towards peace, love and vulnerability because we’ve…

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Hummingbird Chronicles Podcast Episode 2 with Georgia Gibbon Bertelstein

November 29, 2018

Interview with my wife, Georgia Gibbon Bertelstein, on the threshold of her 50th Birthday. We talk about what the Medicine has taught Georgia about aging and women and the value of a fully lived life.

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Hummingbird Chronicles Episode #1

October 24, 2018

There is a prophecy, known by many, seen and felt by many, that when the Medicine of the North (The Eagle) meets the Medicine of the South (The Condor) it will produce the New Medicine, the Medicine of the Hummingbird. This is the Medicine of unlimited happiness, health and healing. The Hummingbird Chronicles is a witnessing of this profound healing…

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Help Us Publish Beautiful Books of Medicine Teachings by George Bertelstein

April 26, 2018

Timeless Teachings from the Medicine Path for a Good Heart and a Good Mind Publishing Written teachings by George Bertelstein & Paintings by Kristen Holmberg Your generous financial support allows us to publish two books: A Book of Uncommon Prayer: Teachings by George Bertelstein The Medicine Path: The Words of George Bertelstein & Paintings by Kristen Holmberg To All Our…

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Muse + The Catalyst Episode 30: Embodying Love, Joy, and Living in a Good Way with George Bertelstein

March 28, 2018

Listen to this episode from the Muse and The Catalyst podcast where Aaron talks with George. They have an inspiring discussion where we hear George’s unique life story, and how following his curiosities and impulses led him to be the spiritual leader he is today. You may be surprised! This is a special interview where Aaron also shares his own transformational experience…

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Medicine Path Native American Church: In a Good Way

March 26, 2017

The Medicine Path community is a fluid group of many thousands of human beings who have prayed together with our Master Teacher, the Chanunpa Wakan, the Sacred Pipe, and also those who have participated in our Healing Medicine Ceremonies. Medicine Path is not a cult, and has no interest in assembling groups of people who are loyal to its altar…

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Fire Keeper with George Bertelstein

March 3, 2015

Post by Medicine Path Native American Church.

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Healing Medicine Ceremony with Sweat Lodge

July 30, 2014

Post by Medicine Path Native American Church.

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Rebuilding the Sweat Lodge Ceremony on Sunday, April 20th

March 15, 2014

As you may have noticed, we have not held Sweat Lodge Ceremonies or Healing Medicine Ceremonies with Sweat Lodge for the past few months due to inclement weather and a need to rebuild our lodge. On Sunday, April 20th, we will have Sweat Lodge Preparation Ceremony where we will deconstruct and rebuild the lodge, prepare and improve the grounds, etc.…

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“Food, Dance and Spiritual Healing: Transcending Geographic, Cultural and Economic Differences”

March 13, 2014

This Saturday, March 15th at 4pm, you are invited to hear George Bertelstein, Spiritual Leader of Medicine Path NAC, speak on a panel called “Food, Dance and Spiritual Healing: Transcending Geographic, Cultural and Economic Differences” that is part of a larger event called Field of Inquiry: Future Soul/Global South Edition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Where:…

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