Sacred Pipe Ceremony

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Sacred Pipe Ceremony via Zoom

on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm.

Medicine Path Native American Church offers Sacred Ceremonies on a regular and ongoing basis.

Sacred Pipe Ceremony

We have been offering our weekly Sacred Pipe Ceremony for over 20 years. It is the foundation of our intention and our practice. It is held every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm.  All are welcome who come in a good way.

Sacred Pipe Ceremonies are being held online via Zoom. Thank you for your patience as we explore this way of praying together online.

Please find or create a quiet, sacred space (with excellent wifi or cell service) for yourself to be during this ceremony. Please plan on being present for all the prayers and be brief when making your clear and simple prayer.

The elements of prayer are:
What are you grateful for?
What are you struggling with?
Ask for help.

The Sacred Pipe Ceremony begins at 7:30pm with an introduction from Georgia Bertelstein and goes until 9:00pm. We estimate that 30 people will be able to make prayers out-loud. The Sacred Chanupa hears all the prayers that are in your heart and you are also welcome to post your prayers in the chat area as well.

As you join, your audio will be muted. If you have questions, please use the chat section to ask them. Your name will be spoken as your audio is unmuted and you will have a chance to speak your prayer. Please be mindful of the background noise in your space when it is your turn to pray.

We ask that you refrain from taking screenshots or recording any part of this ceremony.

We look forward to praying with you.

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Medicine Path Native American Church Ceremonies are available to all who come in a good way.

We rely on your financial contributions to provide the material support needed to offer these Ceremonies and to fulfill our intention to keep a good economy. Medicine Path Native American Church is a charitable religious organization. Your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Books by George Bertelstein

A Clear And Simple Prayer: Self-Healing and the Path of Unlimited Love, Peace, and Happiness book by George Bertelstein
Medicine Path: In A Good Way book written by George Bertelstein with Artwork by Kristen Holmberg

Counseling with George Bertelstein & Jeff Wright

About George Bertelstein

George Bertelstein is a Counselor and Spiritual Leader at Medicine Path NAC in Berkeley, CA. He has offered counsel, spiritual and otherwise, for over 20 years to thousands of individuals, including couples and families.

The healing that is produced in the people that come to see George is certain, quick and long-lasting.

His door is open to all who come in a good way. Be willing to consider that your life can change in the best possible way.

Read more about George...

“He beautifully facilitated the wedding ceremony for my wife and I and offered us invaluable counsel in the months leading up to and after our marriage.”

Matthew C.

“He can see what's going on without judgment and offer a very clear path to finding your joy. If you like clear, simple and direct guidance and if you want to be truly happy, you'd be hard pressed to find a better guide.”

Amanda J.

“Be prepared to love yourself a whole lot more. This is a man who has been there and back. He knows what he's talking about and speaks in a way that you can hear because it's coming from a place of such love and compassion.”

Elizabeth V.

"He helped me learn many important ground rules. Even today, more than 10 years later, I may find myself wondering "what would George say?" Thank you, George!"

Otrebor L.

"George is masterful and kind truly a life saver. Words cannot express how much he has helped me."

Heidi H.

"I don't know if I'll ever need to have another session again, because he got right to the heart of the matter and left me empowered and motivated to follow my own heart. I probably will return, because it is a gift and a privilege to be in his presence."

Tara L.

"To have the opportunity to sit with George, to be in counsel with him is beyond psychotherapy or spiritual counseling, its similar but different, for me it is to sit with a medicine man, a healer, a compassionate, strong and clear human being who is loving, caring and uncompromising."

Farooq M.

"I have undergone many life changes within his care and have learned the very real power of love and ability to invite even more love into my life. There is nothing flaky, false, or wishy-washy about George."

Susan H.

"This man is truly dedicated to healing and will be 100% honest with you. As a young woman far from my family, I value the firm but loving corrections and suggestions that I always get from this great teacher and father figure of mine."

Teresa S,

"Talk about efficient healing. George is gifted. I've been to other therapists and left feeling utter despair. I personally don't believe one has to dig up an entire garden to get at a few weeds. George is honest with many simple truths to help illuminate and give clarity."

Tomiiko B.

"George is a truly impeccable human being. His wisdom and council have allowed me to navigate my life with more joy and grace than ever before. He is that rare mix of profound, hard earned wisdom and funny, humble humanness."

Lina T.

"Basically, George saved my life, or helped me save my life, or God worked through George to save my life... however you want to put it, it's what happened."

Katy P.

"George is a man you can trust your life with. He is a man you can get vulnerable with. He is a man that you can heal with and more."

Kiera E.

"George is the same way all the time with every person: helpful, kind, insightful and trustworthy. George helped me to trust myself when I was habituated not to do so."

Megan B.

"The first time I met George, I felt instantly safe and comfortable. In the 4 years I've known him, that has never wavered, not once."

Liz M.

"I've known George for about 18 years and he's the person who's had the most positive influence on my life. He's taught me to appreciate my life on a daily basis and I will forever be grateful to the person who turned me on to him."

Tina M.

About Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright is a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 41427), business owner, mentor, leader and family man. Past experience as a laborer, schoolteacher, bartender, mental health practitioner, athlete and devotee of the martial arts also informs his work.

Over the last 20 years, Jeff has dedicated his life to offering help and support to individuals & couples who share his abiding intention to live a happy, connected, fulfilling and inspiring life in the service of love and for the benefit of all our relations.

Read more about Jeff...

“I benefited from Jeff’s presence before he said anything. It was very reassuring. When I heard how he shared his wisdom, I felt a growing strength in myself. I learned a lot from him because of who he is, as much in the space between words as in the ideas transmitted.”

Andrew F.

“Jeff has helped me, my family, and my friends for over ten years. His counsel is sound, and he has the highest integrity of anyone I know. ”

Tedra M.

“His insight is deep and he knows how to articulate the central themes and dynamics of the situation to bring about clarity and focus in a manner that is firm and at the same time gentle, discriminating and non-judgmental.”

Ferrara P.

"Jeff is absolutely amazing. He helped me through a very challenging time in my life and his words of wisdom still echo in my mind through my daily life."

Jenn E.

"I often find myself quoting “Jeffisms” to my friends who need advice or someone to talk with, and just as often I’m told how helpful they find what I have said. "

Mikaela H.

"His words are always kind and deliberate. My favorite thing about Jeff is that he offers me a solution and advice instead of just sitting silently waiting for our hour to end."

Andrea M.

"I loved when Jeff would tell me: 'When the new sanity becomes as comfortable as the old insanity was, you will know a new peace.' "

Faye M.

"In the most kind, patient way he has helped me to pinpoint areas in my life where I can stop giving myself a hard time, do my best to "hold a kind thought for myself," and make a better decision in the moment that supports my vision for life and is in alignment with the truth."

Abby K.