About Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright is a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 41427), business owner, mentor, leader and family man. Past experience as a laborer, schoolteacher, bartender, mental health practitioner, athlete and devotee of the martial arts also informs his work.

Jeff has dedicated his life to offering help and support to individuals & couples who share his abiding intention to live a happy, connected, fulfilling and inspiring life in the service of love and for the benefit of all our relations.

Jeff has nearly 20 years experience offering effective counseling to individuals & couples.

“I benefited from Jeff’s presence before he said anything. It was very reassuring. When I heard how he shared his wisdom, I felt a growing strength in myself. I learned a lot from him because of who he is, as much in the space between words as in the ideas transmitted.”

Andrew F.

“Jeff has helped me, my family, and my friends for over ten years. His counsel is sound, and he has the highest integrity of anyone I know. ”

Tedra M.

“His insight is deep and he knows how to articulate the central themes and dynamics of the situation to bring about clarity and focus in a manner that is firm and at the same time gentle, discriminating and non-judgmental.”

Ferrara P.

"Jeff is absolutely amazing. He helped me through a very challenging time in my life and his words of wisdom still echo in my mind through my daily life."

Jenn E.

"I often find myself quoting “Jeffisms” to my friends who need advice or someone to talk with, and just as often I’m told how helpful they find what I have said. "

Mikaela H.

"His words are always kind and deliberate. My favorite thing about Jeff is that he offers me a solution and advice instead of just sitting silently waiting for our hour to end."

Andrea M.

"I loved when Jeff would tell me: 'When the new sanity becomes as comfortable as the old insanity was, you will know a new peace.' "

Faye M.

"In the most kind, patient way he has helped me to pinpoint areas in my life where I can stop giving myself a hard time, do my best to "hold a kind thought for myself," and make a better decision in the moment that supports my vision for life and is in alignment with the truth."

Abby K.

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