A non-profit religious corporation C2985084
Chartered in the state of California March 30, 2007

Medicine Path is a registered Oklevueha Native American Church located in Berkeley, California. We offer Sacred Ceremonies, Counseling, Community and ongoing support to all who come in a good way.

Our Tradition is Change

Statement of Intention

  • Medicine Path Native American Church is dedicated to Honoring Sacred Traditions.
  • Medicine Path Ceremonies unite the Medicine of North America (the Eagle) and South America (the Condor) to create the Hummingbird Medicine – the Medicine of pure joy and limitless happiness.
  • Medicine Path offers continuous ongoing support to all who come in a good way seeking help and healing, lasting community, and a deepening connection to spirit.
  • Medicine Path seeks to foster healing among All Our Relations. Our teaching is non-oppositional and embodies universal principles of love, patience, tolerance, and personal responsibility. Medicine Path holds no position on any public or private controversy.
  • Through our actions, keeping a Good Mind, A Good Heart, and a Good Economy, we pray to help to mend the Sacred Hoop.
  • Medicine Path is a charitable organization. It relies on charitable contributions to support its intention to offer Sacred Ceremonies and continuous ongoing support to all who come in a good way. These donations also enable Medicine Path to offer material support to our friends who share this intention.
  • No one will be turned away from Medicine Path for lack of funds.

The Medicine Path community is a fluid group of many thousands of human beings who have prayed together with our Master Teacher, the Chanunpa Wakan, the Sacred Pipe, and also those who have participated in our Healing Medicine Ceremonies. Medicine Path is not a cult, and has no interest in assembling groups of people who are loyal to its altar or any precepts that are offered during Ceremonies.

Medicine Path has no dogma, nor do we believe that there is any single path to healing. A Human Being may travel many roads to come to us and will travel many roads when they leave us. We honor all ways that are Good Ways. Good Way is a feeling, not an idea. The Medicine Ceremonies teach through actual physical, mental and emotional experience what Good Way feels like for each individual. Our experience is that each person who attends our ceremonies will in some way get in touch with their Good Way and carry that forward with them when they go elsewhere.

Medicine Path is a Red Road altar. We are interested in and attract people who wish to be True Human Beings. That means that they are fully committed to their Human lifetime on this planet and all of the business of being a Human Being. It is not an enlightenment path. It is a path for people who have real lives with all the problems that entails. We honor our lives and the people in them by treating them as Sacred. A thing, a place, a person becomes Sacred when we treat it as Sacred. The Ceremonies we offer allow people to feel what that feels like. Sacred does not mean unapproachable. It does not mean with piety. It means that we honor the Humanity of each person and meet them where they are. If we cannot we proceed onward until the next encounter that we can honor in our Good Way.

We expect and experience that everyone who attends our ceremonies will have a key that fits the Universe, allowing them to establish their own personal relationship with Creator. This does not require intercession or a priest or rabbi or minister. It is personal and available to anyone at anytime who can ask for help in a sincere way.

We teach that each person is responsible for their prayers and their life and their choices. Learning to not blame others for our personal shortcomings and limitations and forgiving ourselves and others for theirs is a liberation of body mind and spirit that leads to a full and happy life. We know of no exception to this. It may take some people longer than others to find their way but they do. It is a prayer that manifests itself over the arc of a human being’s lifetime.

Every Great Way offers the same thing from the teachings at its core. We have no conflict with any other practices as long as they don’t interfere with an individual’s right to make their personal connection with the Power Greater Than Themselves, however they might see that. Good Way is Good Way.

George Grey Eagle Bertelstein
Spiritual Leader
Medicine Path Native American Church

-Medicine Path Native American Church operates under the blessing of Oklevueha Earth Walks Native American Church of Utah Inc. (Federal ID#841402813), the Rosebud Reservation Native American Church of South Dakota and Ancestral Medicine Arts, Qosqo, Peru-


Mitakuye Oyasin!