Hummingbird Chronicles Episode 1

Hummingbird Chronicles Episode #1

There is a prophecy, known by many, seen and felt by many, that when the Medicine of the North (The Eagle) meets the Medicine of the South (The Condor) it will produce the New Medicine, the Medicine of the Hummingbird.

This is the Medicine of unlimited happiness, health and healing.

The Hummingbird Chronicles is a witnessing of this profound healing which is taking place everywhere, in every time, for everyone.

George Bertelstein is a Spiritual Leader and Elder at the Native American Church Medicine Path in Berkeley CA.

John Burke is an artist, filmmaker, and musician. Find more info on Instagram @yogurtburke


Books by George Bertelstein

A Clear And Simple Prayer: Self-Healing and the Path of Unlimited Love, Peace, and Happiness book by George Bertelstein
Medicine Path: In A Good Way book written by George Bertelstein with Artwork by Kristen Holmberg