Medicine Teachings with George Bertelstein

A 3-month Online Course

The Fall 2020 course is full!

Apply below for the Winter Solstice Course.

Exact dates announced in early December.

George’s Intention for this course:

I have been invited by Spirit to transmit the Teachings I have learnt and taught over the last thirty plus years. I don’t come to this opportunity lightly, or without trepidation and some self-doubt.

I was entrusted with many things I was too dim to understand at the time I received them, but I learned and understood them with my heart and soul- the same soul that will continue on its path long after this body has quit the earth and I have done my walk on the Blue Road with my ancestors and the ancestors of the ones who brought me into these ways.

It is my intention to start at the very beginning, which is the prayer, the act of asking for help from a Power Greater Than Ourselves and to walk this Road with you through layer upon layer of practice and honoring, the multitude of ways in which we can continually strengthen our personal connection with Creator and Creator’s Creation.

I pray that each person who participates in this teaching will become a greater vessel for their own prayer and the prayers of all the lives they touch.

These teachings are not dogmatic or exclusionary. All true ways teach the same thing. This Path is THIS Path, the Medicine Path that I have walked, and I am honored by all those many thousands who have walked a part of the way with me, and all those who have honored me by inviting me to shed a little light on the Path they will walk long after I am gone.

To those, to my Teachers, to the Ancestors, to my family, friends and Tiospaye I dedicate my efforts and make the prayer for Strength and Courage and a Good Heart and a Good Mind to be the man I pray to be.

Mitakuye Oasin
All my relations!!

George Bertelstein

Program Details:

This 3 month immersion is for people who want to dive deeper into the Medicine teachings. A world where everything is Medicine and everything has something to teach us. You are committed to the Medicine Path and are ready to learn more on your journey.

The course will include:

  • Weekly 2-hour zoom classes (12 classes total)

  • Two private sessions with George to use when you want during the course to support your healing and understanding of the teachings

  • Material lists for each class

  • Instruction on how to make your own Plant Medicine in a good way

Over 26 hours of time with George Bertelstein.

medicine teachings

Topics that will be covered include:

  • The prayer and The Red Road
  • Prayer ties: How to make them, the various types, how they work together and how to pray with them (Material list will be provided)
  • Chanunpa teachings
  • The Medicine Wheel - what it is, the physical structure, and how it connects to the structure of the Sacred Universe
  • Everything is Medicine... plants, animals, ceremonies
  • Make you own altar - George will take you through his altar and teach what each piece of Medicine offers and how it harmonizes with the rest of the altar
  • Mitakuye Oasin teaching
  • Medicine songs with special guests
  • Instructions on how to make your own Plant Medicine
  • Teachings from Eagle Bear - Lakota wisdom
  • Pace and the rhythm of the Medicine - Listening to the Medicine
  • How to create a Healing Ceremony

We are excited to announce that the Fall Medicine Teachings Course with George Bertelstein is full.

You can register for the Winter Solstice Course now. Exact dates announced in early December. This course will fill up fast. People will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Sweet Grass

This program is for people who want to advance their Medicine Journey and become more empowered to do work with these Medicines on their own.

They are deeply committed to their own Healing and continued Transformation.

Special guests will join George throughout the course.

Additional Program Details:

Dates: Winter Solstice - exact dates announced in early December

Cost: $2500 for the 3 month program

$3500 Couples (Couples must be on the same screen at the same time!)

A few Scholarships are available based on need.
Monthly payments accepted by prior arrangement.

Winter Solstice Medicine Teachings Course Application

Medicine Teachings Course