All My Relations

A piece of wisdom is this great prayer, All My Relations.

Of all the beings on this earth, only the human beings have strayed from the path….

When human beings are together, they are always talking about how they are like this, or they are like that, or they are not like this or they are not like that.

And they say they don’t like this one but they do like that one. And they love this one but they don’t love that one.

They say this one is good and that one is bad.

They say this one is ugly and that one is beautiful.

They say this is right and that is wrong.

When what seems a great goodness occurs, people say one to the other they are a part of that great goodness.

When what seems a great evil takes place, people say one to the other how they are not a part of that great evil.

People love their God and fear and dislike the God of others.

People love their people and fear and avoid the ones who are not their own.

The rules for these separateness’s are complex and hard to understand.

Here is something that is not hard to understand. All My Relations.

Let us practice that. It is very difficult practice, but not so difficult a practice as what we have all been doing for a very long time.

– George Bertelstein


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