Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are thankful for each and every one of you and all the people who have given us love and support in every form since our house fire on October 18th.

We are very grateful to have been able to spend most of the last month comfortably in our dear friend Jodey Simmonds lovely VRBO in Berkeley. It has been a blessing to have someplace to call home as we began to fully embrace the loss and devastation as well as the deep gratitude for our lives and the experience of ourselves loving one another and our lives even more. A very Sacred time.

We are grateful that on December 1st, Georgia’s birthday, we will be moving into a very nice house big enough to accomodate our sprawling lives and the Chanunpa ceremonies and the Medicine Path ceremonies as well. If we are very lucky, we will get to be back in our house and our dome sometime next year.

Your financial contributions have made it possible for us to eat, to buy the clothes and toys and things that we need to begin to assemble a new life. The outflow of money has far exceeded our capacity to produce income, and everything has helped. Every gift of clothing, books, toys has been appreciated. Thank you. Thank you each and every one.

We pray at some point that the very long and prolonged process we are going through with the very fine men and women of our insurance company will produce a new balance and a sense that we are not just treading water and keeping our heads afloat.

Until then, your donations and contributions in every form are deeply appreciated and noted. Irrespective of the form of what you have offered, you are in our prayers, in our hearts, in all of our ceremonies and every grateful breath we take.

Much love to all of you. George, Georgia and Josie


Books by George Bertelstein

A Clear And Simple Prayer: Self-Healing and the Path of Unlimited Love, Peace, and Happiness book by George Bertelstein
Medicine Path: In A Good Way book written by George Bertelstein with Artwork by Kristen Holmberg